Fees subject to change without notice.

The fees quoted above are for ordinary estate planning documents and will apply to most of our clients.  Occasionally, more complex drafting or attorney time is needed, resulting in an additional fee.  If this applies to you, the attorney will disclose this to you during the consultation before engagement.  For a non-exhaustive list of scenarios that may require more complex drafting, see below:

Bypass Trust Provisions

Special Needs Trust Provisions

Non U.S. Citizens

Separate Property Trusts

Trust Plan

For those who exceed the probate asset threshold and/or are smartly planning ahead

starting at




Married Couple

Will Plan


starting at




Married Couple

For those who may not want or need a trust yet, but smartly want to get their affairs in order

Protection Plan


A must-have for individuals or married couples with minor children

Included in all Trust Plans;

Can be added to a Will Plan at discounted rate ($300)

of Existing Plan

For those who already have a plan not prepared by Sunset Legal LLP, but would like us to review their documents to spot any issues, suggest changes based on current law, and/or answer specific questions


Stand Alone

For those occasions where a client simply wants an individual document, or a document not generally included in the estate plan packages

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