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Complimentary if Sunset Legal did the trust. 

$450 if we did not.

One hour appointment with attorney to give you an overview of the process and a checklist of what needs to be done moving forward.  We will thoroughly discuss our package options; you can decide if you want to go it alone or hire the firm to provide assistance.   If you would like us to review existing trust or estate planning documents, please send them to us at least 3 days before your meeting.  This one hour appointment is not a continuing representation.  You are under no obligation to retain the office for any further legal services and will not be considered a “client” moving forward without any additional engagement agreement.


At the end of the meeting, you may decide to hire us to represent you with one of the following packages, as applicable:

Estate Administration Packages 

Full Administration Services for Surviving Spouse with Simple Trust
no bypass trust provisions; no other beneficiaries at first death

$1000 *


Full Administration Services for Surviving Spouse with Simple Trust
PLUS updated Estate Planning Documents



Full Administration Services for Trustee/Beneficiary

trustee(s) is/are the only beneficiaries



Full Administration Services- Multiple Beneficiaries

Hourly: $5000+



*The consultation will disclose exactly what services are included in these fees.  Sometimes, additional documents required will result in an additional, per document fee, as listed on our price sheet you will receive during the consultation.   If your scenario does not match any of the above, a custom fee will be designed for you.  Please note, if anything unexpected comes up or more work is required due to unforeseen circumstances, we may charge hourly for our time.  This will be communicated to the client(s) before any action is taken.

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